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In the everyday life I make paintings, photographs and sculptures. 

But my main passion continues to be painting. 


In my paintings I put contemporary situations onto canvas, in which man plays a central and vital role. My paintings and characters are peaceful due to which they are a welcoming controverse against our hectic environment. They reflect timeless pleasure in today's society.


On the one hand the paintings reflect a certain freshness and joy, but also melancholy. This is created by the use of color and the presence and/or absence of people. 

Contact me to buy an original affordable painting. 


2016 - 2019 Grafische en digitale vormgeving Academie Leuven

2012 - 2019 Fotografie - Photography   CVO Leuven

2014 - 2015 Keramiek - Ceramics    Academie Leuven

2009 - 2014 Beeldhouwen - Sculpture    Academie Leuven 

2002 - 2009 Olieverf - Oil painting    Academie Leuven 

2006 - 2009 Aquarel    Lucas Veltem 

1998 - 2001 Schilderen - Painting   Volksuniversiteit Haarlem Nederland 

1998 - 2001 Edelsmeden - Goldsmiths   Volksuniversiteit Haarlem Nederland


April-mei-juni 2011 Ekonomika berichten

2010 With & Vlaamse Primitieven Leuven

April 2009 feeling 

2008 De canvascollectie

Selected in competitions:

2011  “Water” in Tervuren

2010  Wit(h) en de Vlaamse Primitieven 

2008 TV “Canvascollectie” 

2008 “De vrouw in de kunst” in Tervuren

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